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photo of studyORITE Ingredient is committed to delivering quality products and safety to our customers. Our ingredients are sourced and only purchased from the manufacturers that are equipped with state-of-art machinery and technology and are compliant with ISO and cGMP standard. Every batch of incoming ingredients is sampled and strictly inspected by our quality assurance system. We offer only products that meet the USP, FCC, BP and EP standard and also meet the regulations of the nutraceutical and food industry in Canada.

We conduct audits of manufacturing partners on a semi-annual basis to ensure quality consistency and compliance with the latest regulations of Health Canada and FDA.

The following documents, when applicable, are available upon request:

  • Certificate of Analysis
  • Manufacturing Flow Chart
  • BSE/TSE Statement
  • Certificate of Country of Origin
  • GMO Statement
  • Kosher/Halal Certificate
  • GMP/ISO Certificate/Statement
  • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
  • Nutritional Information
  • Organic Certificate/Statement